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Template: AdminACLEdit
Save ACL
Context English Chinese (Traditional) State
Edit ACL %s 編輯ACL %s
Edit ACL 編輯 ACL
Go to overview 返回概覽
Delete ACL 刪除ACL
Delete Invalid ACL 刪除無效的ACL
Match settings 匹配條件
Set up matching criteria for this ACL. Use 'Properties' to match the current screen or 'PropertiesDatabase' to match attributes of the current ticket that are in the database. 為ACL設置匹配條件。'Properties'用於匹配工單在内存中的屬性',而'PropertiesDatabase'用於匹配工單在數據庫中的屬性。
Change settings 操作動作
Set up what you want to change if the criteria match. Keep in mind that 'Possible' is a white list, 'PossibleNot' a black list. 當匹配條件滿足時執行規定的操作動作。記住:'Possible'表示允許(白名單),'PossibleNot'表示禁止(黑名單)。
Check the official %sdocumentation%s. 檢查官方%s文件%s。
Show or hide the content 顯示或隱藏内容
Edit ACL Information 編輯 ACL 資訊
Name 名稱
Stop after match 匹配後停止
Edit ACL Structure 編輯 ACL 結構
Save ACL 儲存 ACL
Save 保存
Save and finish 保存並完成
Cancel 取消
Do you really want to delete this ACL? 您確定要刪除這個ACL嗎?
Create a new ACL by submitting the form data. After creating the ACL, you will be able to add configuration items in edit mode. 通過填寫表數據實現ACL控制。創建ACL後,就可在編輯模式中添加ACL配置信息。
Calendar Management 月曆管理
Add Calendar 新增行事曆
Edit Calendar 編輯行事曆
Calendar Overview 行事曆概覽
Add new Calendar 新增新行事曆
Import Appointments 匯入預約
Calendar Import 匯入行事曆
Here you can upload a configuration file to import a calendar to your system. The file needs to be in .yml format as exported by calendar management module.
Overwrite existing entities


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