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Transport selection for ticket notifications. Please note: setting 'Active' to 0 will only prevent agents from editing settings of this group in their personal preferences, but will still allow administrators to edit the settings of another user's behalf. Use 'PreferenceGroup' to control in which area these settings should be shown in the user interface.
Tree view
Triggers add or update of automatic calendar appointments based on certain ticket times.
Triggers ticket escalation events and notification events for escalation.
Turns off SSL certificate validation, for example if you use a transparent HTTPS proxy. Use at your own risk!
Turns on drag and drop for the main navigation.
Turns on the remote ip address check. It should not be enabled if the application is used, for example, via a proxy farm or a dialup connection, because the remote ip address is mostly different for the requests.
Tweak the system as you wish.
Type of daemon log rotation to use: Choose 'OTRS' to let OTRS system to handle the file rotation, or choose 'External' to use a 3rd party rotation mechanism (i.e. logrotate). Note: External rotation mechanism requires its own and independent configuration.
Unlock tickets that are past their unlock timeout.
Unlock tickets whenever a note is added and the owner is out of office.
Unlocked ticket.
Neuzamknutý tiket.
Upcoming Events
Nadchádzajúce udalosti.
Update Ticket "Seen" flag if every article got seen or a new Article got created.
Update time
Updates the ticket escalation index after a ticket attribute got updated.
Updates the ticket index accelerator.
Upload your PGP key.
Upload your S/MIME certificate.
Use new type of select and autocomplete fields in agent interface, where applicable (InputFields).
Use new type of select and autocomplete fields in customer interface, where applicable (InputFields).
User Profile
Užívateľský profil
Users, Groups & Roles
Uses richtext for viewing and editing ticket notification.
Uses richtext for viewing and editing: articles, salutations, signatures, standard templates, auto responses and notifications.


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