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Here you can view older versions of the current web service's configuration, export or even restore them.
Configuration History List
Create time
Select a single configuration version to see its details.
Export web service configuration
Restore web service configuration
Do you really want to restore this version of the web service configuration?
Your current web service configuration will be overwritten.
Group Management
Add Group
Edit Group
The admin group is to get in the admin area and the stats group to get stats area.
Create new groups to handle access permissions for different groups of agent (e. g. purchasing department => support department => sales department => ...).
Create new groups to handle access permissions for different groups of agent (e. g. purchasing department, support department, sales department, ...).
It's useful for ASP solutions.
System Log
Here you will find log information about your system.
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Mail Account Management
Add Mail Account
Edit Mail Account for host
and user account
Filter for Mail Accounts
Filter for mail accounts
All incoming emails with one account will be dispatched in the selected queue.
If your account is marked as trusted, the X-OTRS headers already existing at arrival time (for priority etc.) will be kept and used, for example in PostMaster filters.
Outgoing email can be configured via the Sendmail* settings in %s.
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