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Template: AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent
Context English Slovak State
Upload Notification configuration Nahrať konfiguráciu notifikácie
Import Notification configuration Import konfigurácie notifikácie
List Zoznam
Delete Zmazať
Delete this notification Zmazať túto notifikáciu
Show in agent preferences Zobraz v nastaveniach agenta
Agent preferences tooltip Nástrojové tipy vlastností agenta
This message will be shown on the agent preferences screen as a tooltip for this notification.
Toggle this widget
Events Udalosti
Event Udalosť
Here you can choose which events will trigger this notification. An additional appointment filter can be applied below to only send for appointments with certain criteria.
Appointment Filter Filter schôdzok
Type Typ
Title Názov
Location Poloha
Team Team
Resource Zdroj
Recipients Príjemcovia
Send to Komu
Send to these agents Poslať týmto agentom
Send to all group members (agents only) Odoslať všetkým členom skupiny (iba agenti)
Send to all role members Poslať všetkým členom role
Send on out of office Pošli Neprítomnosť v kancelárii
Also send if the user is currently out of office. Pošli aj v prípade, že užívateľ je mimo kanceláriu.
Once per day Jedenkrát za deň
Notify user just once per day about a single appointment using a selected transport.
Notification Methods Spôsoby notifikácie
These are the possible methods that can be used to send this notification to each of the recipients. Please select at least one method below.
Enable this notification method Aktivuj túto notifikačnú metódu


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Template: AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent
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