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When tickets are merged, the customer can be informed per email by setting the check box "Inform Sender". In this text area, you can define a pre-formatted text which can later be modified by the agents.
Whether or not to collect meta information from articles using filters configured in Ticket::Frontend::ZoomCollectMetaFilters.
Whether to force redirect all requests from http to https protocol. Please check that your web server is configured correctly for https protocol before enable this option.
Yes, but hide archived tickets Da, dar ascunde tichete arhivate
Your email with ticket number "<OTRS_TICKET>" is bounced to "<OTRS_BOUNCE_TO>". Contact this address for further information. e-mailul d-voastra cu numarul de tichet "<OTRS_TICKET>" este redirectionat catre <OTRS_BOUNCE_TO>". Va rugam sa contactati aceasta adresa pentru informatii suplimentare.
Your email with ticket number "<OTRS_TICKET>" is merged to "<OTRS_MERGE_TO_TICKET>". Emialul dumneavoastră cu numărul tichetului "<OTRS_TICKET>" a fost inglobat tichetului "<OTRS_MERGE_TO_TICKET>".
Your queue selection of your preferred queues. You also get notified about those queues via email if enabled.
Your service selection of your preferred services. You also get notified about those services via email if enabled.
Zoom Mărește
attachment atașament
compose compune
debug depanare
error eroare
forward redirecționa
info informație
normal normală
notice notificare
pending în așteptare
phone telefon
responsible responsabil
reverse inversare


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