Template: AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent
Active by default in agent preferences
Context English Norwegian Bokmål State
Resource Ressurs
Recipients Mottakere
Send to Send til
Send to these agents Sent til disse saksbehandlerne
Send to all group members (agents only)
Send to all role members Send til alle medlemmer av rolle
Send on out of office
Also send if the user is currently out of office.
Once per day En gang per dag
Notify user just once per day about a single appointment using a selected transport.
Notification Methods Varslingsmetoder
These are the possible methods that can be used to send this notification to each of the recipients. Please select at least one method below.
Enable this notification method
Transport Transport
At least one method is needed per notification.
Active by default in agent preferences
This is the default value for assigned recipient agents who didn't make a choice for this notification in their preferences yet. If the box is enabled, the notification will be sent to such agents.
This feature is currently not available. Denne funksjonen er p.t. ikke tilgjengelig.
Upgrade to %s Oppgrader til %s
Please activate this transport in order to use it.
No data found Ingen data funnet
No notification method found. Ingen varslingsmetode funnet
Notification Text Varslingstekst
This language is not present or enabled on the system. This notification text could be deleted if it is not needed anymore.
Remove Notification Language
Subject Emne
Text Tekst
Message body Meldingstekst
Add new notification language
Save Changes Lagre endringer
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English Norwegian Bokmål
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Template: AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent
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