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XSLT Mapping
XSLT stylesheet
The entered data is not a valid XSLT style sheet.
Here you can add or modify your XSLT mapping code.
The editing field allows you to use different functions like automatic formatting, window resize as well as tag- and bracket-completion.
Data includes
Select one or more sets of data that were created at earlier request/response stages to be included in mappable data.
These sets will appear in the data structure at '/DataInclude/<DataSetName>' (see debugger output of actual requests for details).
Data key regex filters (before mapping)
Data key regex filters (after mapping)
Regular expressions
Remove regex
Add regex
These filters can be used to transform keys using regular expressions.
The data structure will be traversed recursively and all configured regexes will be applied to all keys.
Use cases are e.g. removing key prefixes that are undesired or correcting keys that are invalid as XML element names.
Example 1: Search = '^jira:' / Replace = '' turns 'jira:element' into 'element'.
Example 2: Search = '^' / Replace = '_' turns '16x16' into '_16x16'.
Example 3: Search = '^(?<number>\\d+) (?<text>.+?)\\$' / Replace = '_\\$+{text}_\\$+{number}' turns '16 elementname' into '_elementname_16'.
For information about regular expressions in Perl please see here:
Perl regular expressions tutorial
If modifiers are desired they have to be specified within the regexes themselves.
Regular expressions defined here will be applied before the XSLT mapping.
Regular expressions defined here will be applied after the XSLT mapping.
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