JS File: Core.Agent.Admin.GenericInterfaceOperation
Delete this Operation
Context English Lithuanian State
This event is already attached to the job, Please use a different one.
An error occurred during communication.
Request Details
Request Details for Communication ID
Show or hide the content.
Clear debug log
Delete error handling module
It is not possible to add a new event trigger because the event is not set.
Delete this Invoker
Sorry, the only existing condition can't be removed.
Sorry, the only existing field can't be removed.
Delete conditions
Mapping for Key %s
Mapping for Key
Delete this Key Mapping
Delete this Operation
Clone web service
Delete operation
Delete invoker
WARNING: When you change the name of the group 'admin', before making the appropriate changes in the SysConfig, you will be locked out of the administrations panel! If this happens, please rename the group back to admin per SQL statement.
ĮSPĖJIMAS: Pervadinant grupę 'admin' prieš atlikant atitinkamus veiksmus 'SysConfig' būsite užrakintas nuo administravimo skydelio! Jei tai atsitiktų, panaudodami SQL užklausą, atkeiskite grupės pavadinimą atgal į 'admin'.
Delete this Mail Account
Deleting the mail account and its data. This may take a while...
Do you really want to delete this notification language?
Do you really want to delete this notification?
Do you really want to delete this key?
There is a package upgrade process running, click here to see status information about the upgrade progress.
A package upgrade was recently finished. Click here to see the results.
No response from get package upgrade result.
Update all packages
Update All Packages


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JS File: Core.Agent.Admin.GenericInterfaceOperation
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