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Unable to parse repository index document. Nepavyko išnagrinėti saugyklos indeksų dokumento.
No packages for your framework version found in this repository, it only contains packages for other framework versions. Šioje saugykloje nėra paketų Jūsų naudojamai pagrindo (framework) versijai, yra tik kitoms versijoms.
File is not installed!
File is different!
Can't read file!
<p>If you continue to install this package, the following issues may occur:</p><ul><li>Security problems</li><li>Stability problems</li><li>Performance problems</li></ul><p>Please note that issues that are caused by working with this package are not covered by OTRS service contracts.</p>
<p>The installation of packages which are not verified by the OTRS Group is not possible by default. You can activate the installation of not verified packages via the "AllowNotVerifiedPackages" system configuration setting.</p>
The process "%s" and all of its data has been imported successfully.
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Perl Module: Kernel/System/
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