Perl Module: Kernel/System/Calendar/Event/Transport/
PGP encrypt only
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Responsible Tickets Total
Iš viso atsakingų trikčių
Watched Tickets New
Naujos stebimos triktys
Watched Tickets Reminder Reached
Watched Tickets Total
Iš viso stebimų trikčių
Ticket Dynamic Fields
Couldn't read ACL configuration file. Please make sure the file is valid.
It is currently not possible to login due to a scheduled system maintenance.
You have exceeded the number of concurrent agents - contact
Please note that the session limit is almost reached.
Login rejected! You have exceeded the maximum number of concurrent Agents! Contact immediately!
Session limit reached! Please try again later.
Session per user limit reached!
Session invalid. Please log in again.
Session has timed out. Please log in again.
Baigėsi sesijai skirtas laikas. Prisijunkite iš naujo.
PGP sign only
PGP encrypt only
SMIME sign only
SMIME encrypt only
PGP and SMIME not enabled.
Skip notification delivery
Send unsigned notification
Send unencrypted notification
Configuration Options Reference
This setting can not be changed.
This setting is not active by default.
This setting can not be deactivated.
This setting is not visible.
This setting can be overridden in the user preferences.
This setting can be overridden in the user preferences, but is not active by default.
Customer user "%s" already exists.
This email address is already in use for another customer user.


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Perl Module: Kernel/System/Calendar/Event/Transport/
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