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ACL Management
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ACL Management
Xestión de ACL
Create New ACL
Crear unha ACL nova
Deploy ACLs
Despréguese para ACLs
Export ACLs
Exporte ACLs
Filter for ACLs
Filtro para ACLs
Just start typing to filter...
Comece a escribir un filtro...
Configuration Import
Importar Configuración
Here you can upload a configuration file to import ACLs to your system. The file needs to be in .yml format as exported by the ACL editor module.
Aquí poderá actualizar o arquivo de configuración para importar ACLs o seu sistema. O arquivo necesita ser no formato .yml coma exportado polo módulo editor ACL.
This field is required.
Este campo é obrigatorio
Overwrite existing ACLs?
Sobrescribir ACLs existentes?
Upload ACL configuration
Configuración da actualización do ACL
Import ACL configuration(s)
Importar a(s) configuración(s) de ACL
To create a new ACL you can either import ACLs which were exported from another system or create a complete new one.
Para crear un novo ACL pode importar ACLs que foran exportados doutros sistemas ou crear un completamente novo.
Changes to the ACLs here only affect the behavior of the system, if you deploy the ACL data afterwards. By deploying the ACL data, the newly made changes will be written to the configuration.
Os cambios nos ACLs feitos aquí so afectan o comportamiento do sistema, se despréganse os datos do ACL despois.Despregando os datos de ACL, os cambios feitos de novo serán gardados na configuración.


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