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Warning: All affected tickets will be removed from the database and cannot be restored!
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new responsible
novo responsable
Set new ticket lock
Establecer novo bloqueo de ticket
New customer user ID
New customer ID
Novo identificador de cliente
New title
Novo título
New type
Novo tipo
Archive selected tickets
Arquivar os tíckets seleccionados
Add Note
Engadir unha nota
Visible for customer
Time units
Unidades de tempo
Execute Ticket Commands
Execute Comandos de Ticket
Send agent/customer notifications on changes
Enviar notificacións sobre os cambios ao axente/cliente
This command will be executed. ARG[0] will be the ticket number. ARG[1] the ticket id.
Este comando será executado. ARG[0] sera o número de ticket. ARG[1] será o id do ticket.
Delete tickets
Borre tickets
Warning: All affected tickets will be removed from the database and cannot be restored!
Alerta: Tódolos tickets afectados serán eliminados da base de datos en non poderanse reestablecer!
Execute Custom Module
Execute Módulo Propio
Param %s key
Chave Param %s
Param %s value
Valor Param %s
%s Tickets affected! What do you want to do?
%s Tickets afectados! Que quere facer?
Warning: You used the DELETE option. All deleted tickets will be lost!
Alerta: Usou a opción BORRAR. Tódolos tickets borrados serán perdidos!
Warning: There are %s tickets affected but only %s may be modified during one job execution!
Affected Tickets
Tíckets afectados
GenericInterface Web Service Management
InterfaceXenérica de Xestión do Servizo Web
Web Service Management
Go back to web service
Volte ao Servizo Web
Do you really want to clear the debug log of this web service?
Quere realmente limpar o log do debug deste servizo web?


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