Controls if the admin is allowed to import a saved system configuration in SysConfig.
Context English Galician State
Compat module for AgentZoom to AgentTicketZoom.
Configure Processes.
Configure Procesos.
Configure and manage ACLs.
Configurar e xestionar as ACL.
Configure any additional readonly mirror databases that you want to use.
Configure sending of support data to OTRS Group for improved support.
Configure which screen should be shown after a new ticket has been created.
Configure your own log text for PGP.
Configure o seu propio texto de log para PGP.
Configures a default TicketDynamicField setting. "Name" defines the dynamic field which should be used, "Value" is the data that will be set, and "Event" defines the trigger event. Please check the developer manual (, chapter "Ticket Event Module".
Controls how to display the ticket history entries as readable values.
Controla cómo mostrar o historial do ticket coma valores lexibles.
Controls if CustomerID is automatically copied from the sender address for unknown customers.
Controls if CustomerID is read-only in the agent interface.
Controls if customers have the ability to sort their tickets.
Controla se os clientes teñen a capacidade de ordenar os seus tíckets.
Controls if more than one from entry can be set in the new phone ticket in the agent interface.
Controla se máis dunha das entradas pode ser establecida no novo ticket telefónico na interface de axente.
Controls if the admin is allowed to import a saved system configuration in SysConfig.
Controla se se permite ao administrador importar unha configuración do sistema gardada en SysConfig.
Controls if the admin is allowed to make changes to the database via AdminSelectBox.
Controla se se permite ao administradorfacer cambios na base de datos vía AdminSelectBox.
Controls if the autocomplete field will be used for the customer ID selection in the AdminCustomerUser interface.
Controls if the ticket and article seen flags are removed when a ticket is archived.
Controla se as bandeiras vistas de ticket e artigo son eliminadas cando un ticket é arquivado
Converts HTML mails into text messages.
Convirte correos HTML en mensaxes de texto.
Create New process ticket.
Create Ticket
Create a new calendar appointment linked to this ticket
Create and manage Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
Crear e xestionar Acordos de Nivel de Servizo (SLA).
Create and manage agents.
Cree é xestione axentes.
Create and manage appointment notifications.
Create and manage attachments.
Cree e xestione adxuntos.
Create and manage calendars.
Create and manage customer users.
Cree e xestione usuarios.
Create and manage customers.
Crear e xestionar clientes.
Create and manage dynamic fields.
Cree e xestione campos dinámicos.


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