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Do you really want to delete this web service?
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Outbound sort order for xml fields (structure starting below function name wrapper) - see documentation for SOAP transport.
Add Web Service
Edit Web Service
Clone Web Service
The name must be unique.
El nombre debería ser único
Export Web Service
Import web service
Importar servicio web
Configuration File
Archivo de congiguración
The file must be a valid web service configuration YAML file.
El archivo de configuración del servicio web debería ser un archivo YAML válido
Here you can specify a name for the webservice. If this field is empty, the name of the configuration file is used as name.
Configuration History
Delete web service
Eliminar servicio web
Do you really want to delete this web service?
¿Esta seguro que desea eliminar este servicio web¿
Ready2Adopt Web Services
Here you can activate Ready2Adopt web services showcasing our best practices that are a part of %s.
Please note that these web services may depend on other modules only available with certain %s contract levels (there will be a notification with further details when importing).
Import Ready2Adopt web service
Would you like to benefit from web services created by experts? Upgrade to %s to import some sophisticated Ready2Adopt web services.
After you save the configuration you will be redirected again to the edit screen.
Después de guardar la configuración usted será redireccionado de nuevo a la ventana de edición.
If you want to return to overview please click the "Go to overview" button.
Si usted desea regregar a la vista general, por favor presione el botón "Ir a la vista general".
Remote system
Sistema remoto
Provider transport
Proveedor del transporte
Requester transport
Solicitante del transporte
Debug threshold
In provider mode, OTRS offers web services which are used by remote systems.
In requester mode, OTRS uses web services of remote systems.
Network transport
Error Handling Modules


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