Template: AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent
To get the calendar attribute
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No notification method found.
No se encontraron métodos de notificación
Notification Text
Texto de la Notificación
This language is not present or enabled on the system. This notification text could be deleted if it is not needed anymore.
Remove Notification Language
Message body
Cuerpo del mensaje
Add new notification language
Save Changes
Guardar Cambios
Tag Reference
Notifications are sent to an agent.
Las notificaciones se envían a un agente.
You can use the following tags
Puede utilizar las siguientes etiquetas
To get the first 20 character of the appointment title.
Para obtener los primeros 20 caracteres del título de la cita
To get the appointment attribute
Para obtener el atributo de la cita
e. g.
Por ejemplo:
To get the calendar attribute
Para obtener el atributo del calendario
Attributes of the recipient user for the notification
Config options
Opciones de configuración
Example notification
Ejemplo de notificación
Additional recipient email addresses
This field must have less then 200 characters.
Article visible for customer
An article will be created if the notification is sent to the customer or an additional email address.
Email template
Use this template to generate the complete email (only for HTML emails).
Enable email security
Email security level
If signing key/certificate is missing
If encryption key/certificate is missing
Attachment Management
Administración de Anexos
Add Attachment
Adjuntar Archivo


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