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Save and finish
Context English Spanish State
Delete ACL Borrar ACL
Delete Invalid ACL Borrar ACL inválida
Match settings
Set up matching criteria for this ACL. Use 'Properties' to match the current screen or 'PropertiesDatabase' to match attributes of the current ticket that are in the database.
Change settings Cambiar Configuración
Set up what you want to change if the criteria match. Keep in mind that 'Possible' is a white list, 'PossibleNot' a black list.
Check the official %sdocumentation%s.
Show or hide the content Mostrar u ocultar el contenido
Edit ACL Information Editar Información del ACL
Name Nombre
Stop after match Parar al coincidir
Edit ACL Structure Editar Estructura de ACL
Save ACL Guardar ACL
Save Guardar
or o
Save and finish Guarda y finalizar
Cancel Cancelar
Do you really want to delete this ACL? ¿Realmente deseas eliminar este ACL?
Create a new ACL by submitting the form data. After creating the ACL, you will be able to add configuration items in edit mode.
Calendar Management Gestión de Calendarios
Add Calendar Añadir Calendario
Edit Calendar Editar Calendario
Calendar Overview Resumen de Calendarios
Add new Calendar Añadir un Calendario nuevo
Import Appointments Importar Citas
Calendar Import Importar Calendario
Here you can upload a configuration file to import a calendar to your system. The file needs to be in .yml format as exported by calendar management module. Aquí es posible cargar un archivo de configuración para importar un calendario a su sistema. El archivo necesita estar en el formato .yml para poder ser exportado por el módulo de gestión de calendarios.
Overwrite existing entities
Upload calendar configuration Cargar configuración de calendario
Import Calendar Importar Calendario
Filter for Calendars


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