Template: AdminGenericAgent
Event Based Execution (Single Ticket)
Context English Spanish State
Last run Última ejecución
Run Now! Ejecutar ahora
Delete this task Eliminar esta tarea
Run this task Ejecutar esta tarea
Job Settings Configuraciones de la Tarea
Job name Nombre de la tarea
The name you entered already exists.
Automatic Execution (Multiple Tickets)
Execution Schedule
Schedule minutes Fijar minutos
Schedule hours Fijar horas
Schedule days Fijar días
Automatic execution values are in the system timezone.
Currently this generic agent job will not run automatically. Actualmente esta tarea del agente genérico no se ejecutará automáticamente
To enable automatic execution select at least one value from minutes, hours and days! Para habilitar la ejecución automática, seleccione al menos un valor de minutos, horas y días.
Event Based Execution (Single Ticket)
Event Triggers
List of all configured events
Delete this event
Additionally or alternatively to a periodic execution, you can define ticket events that will trigger this job.
If a ticket event is fired, the ticket filter will be applied to check if the ticket matches. Only then the job is run on that ticket.
Do you really want to delete this event trigger?
Add Event Trigger
To add a new event select the event object and event name
Select Tickets
(e. g. 10*5155 or 105658*) (ej: 10*5155 o 105658*)
(e. g. 234321) (ej: 234321)
Customer user ID
(e. g. U5150) (ej: U5150)
Fulltext-search in article (e. g. "Mar*in" or "Baue*"). Búsqueda en todo el texto del artículo (por ejemplo: "Mar*in" o "Baue*").
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