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Template: AdminGenericInterfaceErrorHandlingDefault
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Only requests matching all configured filters (if any) will trigger module execution.
Operation filter
Only execute error handling module for selected operations.
Note: Operation is undetermined for errors occuring while receiving incoming request data. Filters involving this error stage should not use operation filter.
Invoker filter
Only execute error handling module for selected invokers.
Error message content filter
Enter a regular expression to restrict which error messages should cause error handling module execution.
Error message subject and data (as seen in the debugger error entry) will considered for a match.
Example: Enter '^.*401 Unauthorized.*\\$' to handle only authentication related errors.
Error stage filter
Only execute error handling module on errors that occur during specific processing stages.
Example: Handle only errors where mapping for outgoing data could not be applied.
Error code
An error identifier for this error handling module.
This identifier will be available in XSLT-Mapping and shown in debugger output.
Error message
An error explanation for this error handling module.
This message will be available in XSLT-Mapping and shown in debugger output.
Define if processing should be stopped after module was executed, skipping all remaining modules or only those of the same backend.
Default behavior is to resume, processing the next module.
This module allows to configure scheduled retries for failed requests.
Default behavior of GenericInterface web services is to send each request exactly once and not to reschedule after errors.
If more than one module capable of scheduling a retry is executed for an individual request, the module executed last is authoritative and determines if a retry is scheduled.
Request retry options
Retry options are applied when requests cause error handling module execution (based on processing options).
Schedule retry
Should requests causing an error be triggered again at a later time?
Initial retry interval
Interval after which to trigger the first retry.
Note: This and all further retry intervals are based on the error handling module execution time for the initial request.


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