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Specify how many sub directory levels to use when creating cache files. This should prevent too many cache files being in one directory.
Specify the channel to be used to fetch OTRS Business Solution™ updates. Warning: Development releases might not be complete, your system might experience unrecoverable errors and on extreme cases could become unresponsive!
Specify the password to authenticate for the first mirror database.
Specify the username to authenticate for the first mirror database.
Standard available permissions for agents within the application. If more permissions are needed, they can be entered here. Permissions must be defined to be effective. Some other good permissions have also been provided built-in: note, close, pending, customer, freetext, move, compose, responsible, forward, and bounce. Make sure that "rw" is always the last registered permission.
Start number for statistics counting. Every new stat increments this number.
Started response time escalation.
Started solution time escalation.
Started update time escalation.
Starts a wildcard search of the active object after the link object mask is started.
Statistic Reports overview.
Statistics overview.
Status view
Stopped response time escalation.
Stopped solution time escalation.
Stopped update time escalation.
Stores cookies after the browser has been closed.
Strips empty lines on the ticket preview in the queue view.
Strips empty lines on the ticket preview in the service view.
Support Agent
System Address Display Name
System Configuration Deployment
System Configuration Group
System Maintenance
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