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JS File: Core.Agent.Admin.SystemConfiguration
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The mail could not be sent
It is not possible to set this entry to invalid. All affected configuration settings have to be changed beforehand.
Cannot proceed
Update manually
You can either have the affected settings updated automatically to reflect the changes you just made or do it on your own by pressing 'update manually'.
Save and update automatically
Don't save, update manually
The item you're currently viewing is part of a not-yet-deployed configuration setting, which makes it impossible to edit it in its current state. Please wait until the setting has been deployed. If you're unsure what to do next, please contact your system administrator.
Search the System Configuration
Please enter at least one search word to find anything.
Unfortunately deploying is currently not possible, maybe because another agent is already deploying. Please try again later.
The deployment is already running.
Deployment successful. You're being redirected...
There was an error. Please save all settings you are editing and check the logs for more information.
Reset option is required!
By restoring this deployment all settings will be reverted to the value they had at the time of the deployment. Do you really want to continue?
Keys with values can't be renamed. Please remove this key/value pair instead and re-add it afterwards.
Unlock setting.
Do you really want to delete this scheduled system maintenance?
Delete this Template
Deleting the template and its data. This may take a while...
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JS File: Core.Agent.Admin.SystemConfiguration
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