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This is a repeating appointment
Would you like to edit just this occurrence or all occurrences?
All occurrences
Just this occurrence
Too many active calendars
Please either turn some off first or increase the limit in configuration.
Restore default settings
Are you sure you want to delete this appointment? This operation cannot be undone.
First select a customer user, then select a customer ID to assign to this ticket.
Duplicated entry
It is going to be deleted from the field, please try again.
Please enter at least one search value or * to find anything.
Information about the OTRS Daemon
Please check the fields marked as red for valid inputs.
Remove active filters for this widget.
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Do you really want to delete this link?
Are you using a browser plugin like AdBlock or AdBlockPlus? This can cause several issues and we highly recommend you to add an exception for this domain.
Do not show this warning again.
Sorry, but you can't disable all methods for notifications marked as mandatory.
Sorry, but you can't disable all methods for this notification.
Please note that at least one of the settings you have changed requires a page reload. Click here to reload the current screen.
An unknown error occurred. Please contact the administrator.
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Please remove the following words from your search as they cannot be searched for:
This element has children elements and can currently not be removed.


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JS File: Core.Agent.Dashboard
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