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Template: AdminCustomerUserCustomer
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This CustomerID is invalid.
Effective Permissions for Customer User
Group Permissions
This customer user has no group permissions.
Table above shows effective group permissions for the customer user. The matrix takes into account all inherited permissions (e.g. via customer groups). Note: The table does not consider changes made to this form without submitting it.
Customer Access
This customer user has no customer access.
Table above shows granted customer access for the customer user by permission context. The matrix takes into account all inherited access (e.g. via customer groups). Note: The table does not consider changes made to this form without submitting it.
Manage Customer User-Customer Relations
Select the customer user:customer relations.
Customer Users
Change Customer Relations for Customer User
Change Customer User Relations for Customer
Toggle active state for all
Toggle active state for %s
Manage Customer User-Group Relations
Just use this feature if you want to define group permissions for customer users.
Edit Customer User Default Groups
These groups are automatically assigned to all customer users.
You can manage these groups via the configuration setting "CustomerGroupAlwaysGroups".
Filter for groups
Select the customer user - group permissions.
If nothing is selected, then there are no permissions in this group (tickets will not be available for the customer user).
Customer User Default Groups:
Manage Customer User-Service Relations
Edit default services
Filter for Services
Filter for services
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