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Template: AdminCloudServiceSupportDataCollector
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Example response
Cloud Service Management
Support Data Collector
Support data collector
Currently support data is only shown in this system.
It is highly recommended to send this data to OTRS Group in order to get better support.
Send support data
This will allow the system to send additional support data information to OTRS Group.
System Registration
To enable data sending, please register your system with OTRS Group or update your system registration information (make sure to activate the 'send support data' option.)
Register this System
System Registration is disabled for your system. Please check your configuration.
System registration is a service of OTRS Group, which provides a lot of advantages!
Please note that the use of OTRS cloud services requires the system to be registered.
Register this system
Here you can configure available cloud services that communicate securely with %s.
Available Cloud Services
Communication Log
Time Range
Show only communication logs created in specific time range.
Filter for Communications
Filter for communications
In this screen you can see an overview about incoming and outgoing communications.
You can change the sort and order of the columns by clicking on the column header.
If you click on the different entries, you will get redirected to a detailed screen about the message.
Status for: %s
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Template: AdminCloudServiceSupportDataCollector
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