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Perl Module: Kernel/Modules/
Context English State
Process %s is invalid!
Subaction is invalid!
Parameter %s is missing in %s.
No ActivityDialog configured for %s in _RenderAjax!
Got no Start ActivityEntityID or Start ActivityDialogEntityID for Process: %s in _GetParam!
Couldn't get Ticket for TicketID: %s in _GetParam!
Couldn't determine ActivityEntityID. DynamicField or Config isn't set properly!
Process::Default%s Config Value missing!
Got no ProcessEntityID or TicketID and ActivityDialogEntityID!
Can't get StartActivityDialog and StartActivityDialog for the ProcessEntityID "%s"!
Can't get Ticket "%s"!
Can't get ProcessEntityID or ActivityEntityID for Ticket "%s"!
Can't get Activity configuration for ActivityEntityID "%s"!
Can't get ActivityDialog configuration for ActivityDialogEntityID "%s"!
Can't get data for Field "%s" of ActivityDialog "%s"!
PendingTime can just be used if State or StateID is configured for the same ActivityDialog. ActivityDialog: %s!
Pending Date
for pending* states
ActivityDialogEntityID missing!
Couldn't get Config for ActivityDialogEntityID "%s"!
Couldn't use CustomerID as an invisible field.
Missing ProcessEntityID, check your!
No StartActivityDialog or StartActivityDialog for Process "%s" configured!
Couldn't create ticket for Process with ProcessEntityID "%s"!
Couldn't set ProcessEntityID "%s" on TicketID "%s"!
Couldn't set ActivityEntityID "%s" on TicketID "%s"!
Could not store ActivityDialog, invalid TicketID: %s!
Invalid TicketID: %s!
Missing ActivityEntityID in Ticket %s!
This step does not belong anymore to the current activity in process for ticket '%s%s%s'! Another user changed this ticket in the meantime. Please close this window and reload the ticket.
Missing ProcessEntityID in Ticket %s!


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Multiple failing checks

The translations in several languages have failing checks



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Perl Module: Kernel/Modules/
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