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Perl Module: Kernel/Output/HTML/Notification/
An update for your %s is available, but there is a conflict with your framework version! Please update your framework first!
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Enable cloud services to unleash all OTRS features! Aktiver cloud service for at få adgang til alle OTRS muligheder!
%s Upgrade to %s now! %s %s Opgrader til %s nu! %s
Please verify your license data!
The license for your %s is about to expire. Please make contact with %s to renew your contract! Licensen for %s er ved at udløbe. Kontakt venligst %s for at forny din kontrakt.
An update for your %s is available, but there is a conflict with your framework version! Please update your framework first! En opdatering til %s er tilgængelig, men der er en konflikt med din framework version!
Opdater venligst dit framework først!
Online Agent: %s Online Agent: %s
There are more escalated tickets! Der er ikke flere eskalerede sager.
Please select a time zone in your preferences and confirm it by clicking the save button.
Online Customer: %s Online kunde: %s
System maintenance is active!
A system maintenance period will start at: %s and is expected to stop at: %s
OTRS Daemon is not running. OTRS-dæmonen kører ikke.
You have Out of Office enabled, would you like to disable it? Du har Out of Office aktiveret. Vil du deaktivere det?
The installation of packages which are not verified by the OTRS Group is activated. These packages could threaten your whole system! It is recommended not to use unverified packages.
You have %s invalid setting(s) deployed. Click here to show invalid settings.
You have undeployed settings, would you like to deploy them?
The configuration is being updated, please be patient...
There is an error updating the system configuration! Der er en fejl i opdateringen af systemkonfigurationen!
Don't use the Superuser account to work with %s! Create new Agents and work with these accounts instead.
Please make sure you've chosen at least one transport method for mandatory notifications.


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Perl Module: Kernel/Output/HTML/Notification/
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