Template: AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent
Upload Notification configuration
Context English Danish State
Uploaded file must be in valid iCal format (.ics).
If desired Calendar is not listed here, please make sure that you have at least 'create' permissions.
Upload Upload
Update existing appointments? Opdater eksisterende aftaler?
All existing appointments in the calendar with same UniqueID will be overwritten.
Upload calendar Upload kalender
Import appointments Importer aftaler
Appointment Notification Management
Add Notification Tilføj besked
Edit Notification Rediger besked
Export Notifications Eksporter beskeder
Filter for Notifications Filter for Meddelelser
Filter for notifications Filter for meddelelser
Here you can upload a configuration file to import appointment notifications to your system. The file needs to be in .yml format as exported by the appointment notification module.
Overwrite existing notifications? Overskriv eksisterende beskeder?
Upload Notification configuration Upload besked-konfiguration
Import Notification configuration Importer besked-konfiguration
List Liste
Delete Slet
Delete this notification Slet denne besked
Show in agent preferences Vis i agent præferencer
Agent preferences tooltip Agent præference værktøjstip
This message will be shown on the agent preferences screen as a tooltip for this notification.
Toggle this widget Slå denne widget til eller fra
Events Hændelser
Event Hændelse
Here you can choose which events will trigger this notification. An additional appointment filter can be applied below to only send for appointments with certain criteria.
Appointment Filter Aftalefilter
Type Type
Title Titel
Location Lokation


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Template: AdminAppointmentNotificationEvent
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