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Users, Groups & Roles
Context English Arabic (Saudi Arabia) State
Unlock tickets whenever a note is added and the owner is out of office.
Unlocked ticket. التاريخ::إعادة فتح
Up أعلى
Upcoming Events الأحداث القادمة
Update Ticket "Seen" flag if every article got seen or a new Article got created.
Update time
Updates the ticket escalation index after a ticket attribute got updated.
Updates the ticket index accelerator.
Upload your PGP key.
Upload your S/MIME certificate.
Use new type of select and autocomplete fields in agent interface, where applicable (InputFields).
Use new type of select and autocomplete fields in customer interface, where applicable (InputFields).
User Profile
Users, Groups & Roles
Uses richtext for viewing and editing ticket notification.
Uses richtext for viewing and editing: articles, salutations, signatures, standard templates, auto responses and notifications.
View all attachments of the current ticket
View performance benchmark results.
Watch this ticket
Watched Tickets البطاقات المراقبة
Watched Tickets.
We are performing scheduled maintenance.
We are performing scheduled maintenance. Login is temporarily not available.
We are performing scheduled maintenance. We should be back online shortly.
Web Services
Web View
When agent creates a ticket, whether or not the ticket is automatically locked to the agent.
When tickets are merged, a note will be added automatically to the ticket which is no longer active. Here you can define the body of this note (this text cannot be changed by the agent).


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English Arabic (Saudi Arabia)
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