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OTRS::ITSM and OTRS are freely available (no license fees apply) and are subject to GNU GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL).
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The continuing boom caused demand for IT service management tools, which could represent the ITIL-based processes. So far, only proprietary solutions existed. Because of their considerable complexity, most of these tools are only affordable for large companies and effective in large IT departments.
The development of OTRS::ITSM was started as a result of the great success of the OTRS framework in order to combine the globally accepted, public ITIL recommendations with the benefits of open-source software.
OTRS::ITSM 1.0 was the first real-world ITIL compliant IT service management solution on open-source basis, built on the solid basis of OTRS with its over 55,000 known OTRS installations and its community (information dating from April 2007). OTRS::ITSM is under active development and new features are added continuously.
OTRS::ITSM 1.0是第一个真实世界ITIL兼容的开源IT服务管理解决方案,它建立在OTRS超过5500份安装和社区支持(2007年数据)的可靠基础之上。OTRS::ITSM仍在积极开发中,并不断添加新功能。
OTRS::ITSM is practically-oriented. This was accomplished by developing it in collaboration with ITIL consultants and with some of OTRS Groups' customers.
The service-desk and ticket system solution OTRS is the basis for the ITIL compliant IT service management solution OTRS::ITSM, its incident management, problem management, service level management, change and configuration management modules, and integrated CMDB.
OTRS::ITSM and OTRS are freely available (no license fees apply) and are subject to GNU GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL).
OTRS::ITSM 6 is based on OTRS 6. All functionalities known from OTRS continue to be available and the functionalities representing ITIL processes can be installed as packages.
OTRS::ITSM 6基于OTRS 6,所有OTRS的功能都正常使用,并可通过安装软件包来实现ITIL流程的功能。
New OTRS::ITSM 6 features
OTRS::ITSM 6 offers:
OTRS::ITSM 6提供了以下新功能:
Ported code to the OTRS 6 framework.
代码移植到OTRS 6框架;


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