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<copyright> <year>2003-2017</year> <holder>OTRS AG</holder> </copyright> <date>2017-09-26</date>
This work is copyrighted by OTRS AG.
You may copy it in whole or in part as long as the copies retain this copyright statement.
All trade names are used without the guarantee for their free use and are possibly registered trade marks. All products mentioned in this manual may be trade marks of the respective manufacturer.
The source code of this document can be found at <ulink url="">github</ulink>, in the repository <ulink url="">doc-itsm</ulink>. Contributions are more than welcome. You can also help translating it to your language at <ulink url="">Transifex</ulink>.
The document at hand addresses OTRS::ITSM users and administrators and provides information on the basic use of OTRS::ITSM by IT service managers, IT service staff (agents) and end users (customers). Information pertaining to the installation, configuration and administration of OTRS::ITSM is only provided if there are differences to the OTRS core product or for functions, which only exist in OTRS::ITSM.
In spite of the many many hours of work, even more cups of coffee and quite a few sausages and pretzels consumed in the course of writing the following sections, this manual does not claim to be complete. The chapters will be revised and/or amended periodically for continual improvement.
We welcome your feedback as a critical contribution to the best possible quality of the following chapters and of the product itself. Please tell us if you miss information, find it difficult to understand certain aspects or the way they are presented, have suggestions or any other comments. Any feedback submitted at is highly appreciated.
We are very proud of the product at hand and want to thank the ITIL experts of Enterprise Consulting GmbH and our top-notch OTRS developers. Their joint efforts have significantly contributed to the successful development of OTRS::ITSM.
We want to thank you, the users and OTRS::ITSM community, in advance for any kind of aid and feedback and hope you will have fun using OTRS::ITSM.
André Mindermann, Managing Partner OTRS AG
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