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This ACL module restricts the usuage of the ticket types that are defined in the sysconfig option 'ITSMChange::AddChangeLinkTicketTypes', to users of the groups as defined in "ITSMChange::RestrictTicketTypes::Groups". As this ACL could collide with other ACLs which are also related to the ticket type, this sysconfig option is disabled by default and should only be activated if needed.
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Types of tickets, where in the ticket zoom view a link to add a change will be displayed.
User Search
Workorder Add (from template).
Workorder Add.
Workorder Agent.
Workorder Delete.
Workorder Edit.
Workorder History Zoom.
Workorder History.
Workorder Report.
Workorder Zoom
Workorder Zoom.
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Change Schedule.
Change search backend router of the agent interface.
Define Actions where a settings button is available in the linked objects widget (LinkObject::ViewMode = "complex"). Please note that these Actions must have registered the following JS and CSS files: Core.AllocationList.css, Core.UI.AllocationList.js, Core.UI.Table.Sort.js, Core.Agent.TableFilters.js and Core.Agent.LinkObject.js.
Defines if the requested date should be print by customer.
Defines if the requested date should be searched by customer.
Defines if the requested date should be set by customer.


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