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A filter for HTML output to add links behind a defined string. The element Image allows two input kinds. First the name of an image (e.g. faq.png). In this case the OTRS image path will be used. The second possibility is to insert the link to the image.
Add FAQ article
CSS color for the voting result.
Cache Time To Leave for FAQ items.
Category Management
Category Management.
Customer FAQ Print.
Customer FAQ Related Articles
Customer FAQ Related Articles.
Customer FAQ Zoom.
Customer FAQ search.
Customer FAQ.
Decimal places of the voting result.
Default category name.
Default language for FAQ articles on single language mode.
Default maximum size of the titles in a FAQ article to be shown.
Default priority of tickets for the approval of FAQ articles.
Default state for FAQ entry.
Default state of tickets for the approval of FAQ articles.
Default type of tickets for the approval of FAQ articles.
Default value for the Action parameter for the public frontend. The Action parameter is used in the scripts of the system.
Define Actions where a settings button is available in the linked objects widget (LinkObject::ViewMode = "complex"). Please note that these Actions must have registered the following JS and CSS files: Core.AllocationList.css, Core.UI.AllocationList.js, Core.UI.Table.Sort.js, Core.Agent.TableFilters.js and Core.Agent.LinkObject.js.
Define if the FAQ title should be concatenated to article subject.
Define which columns are shown in the linked FAQs widget (LinkObject::ViewMode = "complex"). Note: Only FAQ attributes and dynamic fields (DynamicField_NameX) are allowed for DefaultColumns.


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