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Additionally, statistics support the new time periods “quarter” and “half-year”.
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OTRS is now optimized for use on different types and sizes of mobile devices.
Single-select and multi-select input fields have been modernized and provide advanced searching and filtering capabilities (thanks to Dusan Vuckovic at Mühlbauer).
单选和多选输入字段更现代化,并提供高级搜索和过滤功能(感谢Mühlbauer的Dusan Vuckovic)。
Images can now be added/uploaded to the WYSIWYG editor using Copy&amp;Paste and Drag&amp;Drop from anywhere outside the application (in all browsers, without additional Add-On).
Improved ticket notification system. It is now possible to configure own ticket notifications with own trigger conditions and recipients. With OTRS Business Solution™, notifications can also be delivered via SMS and/or Notification Web View. The latter is a special screen in OTRS that holds all notifications of the agent; with this OTRS can be used entirely without an email client.
改进的工单通知系统。现在能够使用自己的触发器条件和收件人配置定制工单通知。在OTRS商业解决方案(OTRS Business Solution™)中,还能通过短信和/或网页发送通知。
Statistics received a new graphical user interface which is much better accessible and helps to create great statistics quickly and easily.
Additionally, statistics support the new time periods “quarter” and “half-year”.
It is now possible to group action menu items in the ticket zoom screen. Less often used items can be grouped in a submenu, improving screen usage and clarity.
Ticket overviews can now display customer company data, thanks to Renée Bäcker.
工单概览现在能显示客户单位信息,感谢 Renée Bäcker。
The ticket process TransitionAction “TicketCreate” can now create tickets without articles.
The new OTRS Daemon handles all asynchronous and periodic tasks and replaces all previous OTRS cron jobs. In a clustered environment the load is automatically distributed over the nodes.
新的OTRS Daemon处理所有的异步和定期任务,替换了所有之前的OTRS cron任务。在群集环境中负载自动分配到所有节点。
It is now possible to specify multiple readonly mirror (slave) databases for expensive computations such as statistics or fulltext searches to distribute the load among these database servers.


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