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This work is copyrighted by OTRS AG.
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OTRS 6 - Admin Manual
<copyright> <year>2003-2017</year> <holder>OTRS AG</holder> </copyright> <date>2017-03-06</date>
This work is copyrighted by OTRS AG. Kazi hii ina hakimiliki ya OTRS AG
You may copy it in whole or in part as long as the copies retain this copyright statement. Unaweza nakili yote au sehemu ya yote ilimradi nakala ziwe na taarifa ya hakimiliki.
All trade names are used without the guarantee for their free use and are possibly registered trade marks. All products mentioned in this manual may be trade marks of the respective manufacturer.
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Introduction Utangulizi
Administration Utawala
Email Settings Mipangilio ya barua pepe
Ticket Settings Mipangilio ya tiketi
Appointment Calendar
Trouble Ticket Systems - The Basics Trouble Ticket Systems - Vya msingi
This chapter offers a brief introduction to trouble ticket systems, along with an explanation of the core concept of a trouble ticket. A quick example illustrates the advantages of using such a system. Hii sura inatoa utangulizi wa trouble ticketing systems kwa ufupi, pamoja na maelezo ya maana ya msingi ya trouble ticket. Mfano wa haraka unaeleza faida za kutumia mfumo kama huu.
What is a trouble ticket system, and why do you need one? Trouble ticket system ni nini, na kwanini unaihitaji?
The following example describes what a trouble ticket system is, and how you might benefit from using such a system at your company. Mfano ufwatao unaeleza trouble ticket system ni nini, na jinsi gani utafaidika na mfumo huu katika kampuni yako.
Let's imagine that Max is a manufacturer of video recorders. Max receives many messages from customers needing help with the devices. Some days, he is unable to respond promptly or even acknowledge the messages. Some customers get impatient and write a second message with the same question. All messages containing support requests are stored in a single inbox folder. The requests are not sorted, and Max responds to the messages using a regular email program.
Since Max cannot reply fast enough to all the messages, he is assisted by the developers Joe and John in this. Joe and John use the same mail system, accessing the same inbox. They don't realize that Max often gets two identical requests from one frustrated customer. Sometimes they both end up responding separately to the same request, with the customer receiving two different answers. Furthermore, Max is unaware of the details of their responses. He is also unaware of the details of the customer problems and their resolutions, such as which problems occur with high frequency, or how much time and money he has to spend on customer support.


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