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Import and Export configurations (in YAML file format) for existing web services. Импортировать и Экспортировать настройки (в формате YAML) для существующих веб-сервисов.
View, Revert and Export old configurations for existing web services in the Web Service History screen. Просматривать, Возвращаться и Экспортировать устаревшие конфигурационные параметры для существующих веб-сервисов на странице истории конфигурации.
Track all communication logs for each web service in the Debugger screen. Отслеживать все сообщения журнала для каждого из веб-сервисов на странице Отладчика.
Web Service Overview Обзор Веб-интерфейса
The <emphasis>Web Services</emphasis> link in the main screen of Admin Interface (in the System Administration box) leads to the web services overview screen, where you are able to manage your web service configurations. You can add new web services or change the configuration of the existing ones from this screen.
Every web service configuration screen has in the upper part of the screen a <emphasis>bread crumbs</emphasis> style navigation path. This navigation path is useful to know exactly in which part of the web service configuration we are, and also enables the user to jump back to any part of the configuration process at any time (this action will not save any changes).
To create a new web service, press the button <emphasis>Add web service</emphasis>, and provide the required information.
Web services overview
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/genericinterface/genericinterface-webservice-overview.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/genericinterface/genericinterface-webservice-overview.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
Web Service Add Добавить Веб Сервис
The only required field in this part is the web service <emphasis>Name</emphasis> that needs to be unique in the system and can not be left empty. Other fields are also necessary for the configuration like the <emphasis>Debug Threshold</emphasis> and <emphasis>Validity</emphasis> but these fields are already populated with the default value for each list.
The default value for <emphasis>Debug Threshold</emphasis> is <emphasis>debug</emphasis>. When configured in this manner all communication logs are registered in the database. Each subsequent <emphasis>Debug Threshold</emphasis> value is more restrictive and discards communication logs of lower order than the one set in the system.
Debug Threshold levels (from lower to upper) Отладка уровней (от нижних к верхним)
Debug Отладка
Info Информация
Notice Замечание
Error Ошибка
It is also possible to define the network transport protocol for <emphasis>OTRS as Provider</emphasis> and <emphasis>OTRS as requester</emphasis>.
Click on the <emphasis>Save</emphasis> button to register the new web service in the database or click <emphasis>Cancel</emphasis> to discard this operation. You will now be returned to the web service overview screen.
If you already have a web service configuration file in YAML format you can click on the <emphasis>Import web service</emphasis> button on the left side of the screen. For more information on importing web services please check the next section <emphasis>Web Service Change</emphasis>.
To change or add more details to a web service, click on the web service name in the web service overview screen. Нажмите на имя веб-сервиса на странице просмотра чтобы изменить или добавить больше элементов веб-сервису.
Web services add
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/genericinterface/genericinterface-webservice-add.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/genericinterface/genericinterface-webservice-add.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
Web Service Example Import
Did you know there are example web services available in the <ulink url="">OTRS Business Solution™</ulink>?
Web Service Change Изменения веб-сервиса:
On this screen you have a complete set of functions to handle every part of a web service. On the left side in the action column you can find some buttons that allows you to perform all possible actions on a web service: На этом экране имеется полный набор по управлению каждой частью веб-сервиса. Слева, в колонке "Действия" вы найдете несколько кнопок, позволяющих выполнить все доступные действия над веб-сервисом:
Clone web service. Клонирование веб-сервиса.
Export web service. Экспортировать веб-сервис.
Import web service. Импортировать веб-сервис.
Configuration History. История конфигурации.
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