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Dynamic Fields
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Package Manager Update All Installed Packages Button
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-packagemanager-upgradeall-button.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
This feature reads the information of all defined package repositories and determines if there is a new version for every installed package in the system and calculates the correct order to update the packages respecting all other package dependencies, even if new versions of existing packages require new packages not yet installed in the system.
If there are packages installed that do not have a corresponding repository defined in the system, they can not be updated by this feature and will be marked as failed (due to the missing on-line repository).
When the process to update all packages is running, a notification bar is added to the package manager screen for easier identification. When notification link is clicked, a progress summary is displayed with the current progress. Also, when the process is running package actions such as "Install", "Update", "Uninstall" and "ReInstall" some actions on the screen might be temporarily disabled in order to avoid conflicts.
Package Manager Update All Installed Packages In Progress Notification
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-packagemanager-upgradeall-process-notification.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
When the process finishes (only if it was started in the graphical user interface) the progress notification will change to indicate the new state: it becomes green if all packages was correctly updated or red if there where any failures. Clicking on this notification will show the final summary. In the summary table, a tooltip for the status column of every package can indicate more details about the state. After closing this window, the package manager screen will refresh to show the new version of the installed packages.
Package Manager Update All Installed Packages Summary
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-packagemanager-upgradeall-summary.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
Web Services Веб-сервисы
The Web Services link leads to the graphical interface where web services (for the OTRS Generic Interface) are created and maintained (see figure below).
The graphical interface for web services Графический интерфейс для веб-сервисов
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/genericinterface-webservice-overview.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/genericinterface-webservice-overview.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
The graphical interface for web services configuration is described in more detail in the section <link linkend="webservice_gui">"Web Service Graphical Interface"</link>. Более подробно графический интерфейс для настройки веб-сервисов рассматривается в главе <link linkend="webservice_gui"> "Настройка веб-сервисов через веб-интерфейс" </link>.
Dynamic Fields Динамические поля
Dynamic Fields is the place where you setup and manage custom fields for tickets and articles (see figure below). Раздел Динамические поля позволяет создавать, настраивать и управлять пользовательскими полями для заявок и сообщений/заметок (см. рисунок ниже).
The dynamic fields overview screen with some dynamic fields
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/dynamicfields-overview-filled.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/dynamicfields-overview-filled.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
The dynamic fields configuration is described in more detail in the section <link linkend="dynamicfields-configuration">"Dynamic Fields Configuration"</link>. Более подробно описание настройки динамических полей содержится в разделе <link linkend="dynamicfields-configuration">"Настройка Динамических полей"</link>.
Each dynamic field type has its own configuration settings and therefore its own configuration screen. Каждый тип динамического поля имеет свои настройки и соответственно свои собственные экраны настройки.
In the OTRS framework, dynamic fields can only be linked to tickets and articles by default, but they can be extended to other objects as well. При настройке в Панели Администрирования, динамические поля могут быть привязаны только к заявкам или заметкам/сообщениям по умолчанию, но их использование также может быть распространено и на другие объекты.
The OTRS Daemon
The OTRS Daemon is an independent set of system processes that plan and execute tasks in background, either on a recurrent basis or triggered by events. OTRS Daemon is fundamental for the correct system operation.
In previous versions of OTRS (from 3.1 to 4) there was another process called OTRS Scheduler that does part of the work that the OTRS Demon do in OTRS 5. This old process is replaced by the OTRS Daemon which was re-written from the ground to make it more stable, scalable and robust than its predecessor.
The OTRS Daemon is capable to handle up to 10 tasks at the same time and it can work cooperatively with other OTRS Daemons on different frontend servers in a cluster environment.
When idle OTRS Daemon consist in six processes:
The main daemon (<filename>bin/</filename>)
This process is in charge to start and keep running the other children daemons.
Task worker daemon (<filename>Kernel/System/Daemon/DaemonModules/</filename>)
This daemon executes all tasks that have in a list, in a first in first out basis. It can handle simultaneous tasks by creating its own children processes and it checks the task list several times per second. The task list can be filled by task manager daemons, event handlers, and other parts of the system.
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Dynamic Fields
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