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Communication Log
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Session details Подробности сеанса/сессии
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-session-details.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-session-details.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
System Maintenance Обслуживание системы
System Maintenance give the option to schedule one or more maintenance periods for the system. During this period no agents or customers can login into the system (except for Agents in the "admin" group). Current logged users and customers receive a notification about the maintenance (before and during the maintenance period). Administrators have the option to kill the sessions for logged agents and customers, all this in preparation to be able to make changes in the system (e.g. a system update) in a "safe" environment. Раздел конфигурации "Обслуживание системы" дает возможность управлять одним или более периодами технического обслуживания системы. В течение этого периода, агенты и клиенты не могут подключиться к системе (за исключением агентов, включенных в группу "admin"). Уже подключенные пользователи получат уведомление о техобслуживании (до и и в течение периода техобслуживания). Администраторы имеют возможность закрыть сеансы подключенных агентов и клиентов, все это в рамках подготовки, чтобы иметь возможность вносить изменения в систему (например, обновление системы) в "безопасном" среде.
The system maintenance overview screen with some scheduled periods
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-systemmaintenance-overview-screen.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-systemmaintenance-overview-screen.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
The Start Date and the Stop Date are required fields, and the only rule for this combination is that Start Date can not be a date after the Stop Date.
The system maintenance edit screen
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-systemmaintenance-edit-screen.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-systemmaintenance-edit-screen.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
After a new maintenance period is defined an overview and details about the current active sessions is shown, from there administrators can kill this sessions one by one or all of them (except current) if it is needed. После ввода нового периода обслуживания, отображается обзор и подробности о текущих активных сеансах, используя который, администратор может закрыть эти сеансы (исключая активные), если это необходимо.
System Log Системный журнал
The "System Log" link on the Admin page shows the log entries of the system, reverse chronologically sorted with most recent first (see figure below).
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-syslog.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic> <graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-syslog.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
Each line in the log contains a time stamp, the log priority, the system component and the log entry itself. Каждая строка в журнале содержит: время, приоритет, компонент системы и непосредственно саму запись.
System logs are available via the web interface only on Linux / Unix systems. Системный журнал доступен через веб-интерфейс только на Linux / Unix системах.
Communication Log Журнал сеансов связи
The <emphasis>Communication Log</emphasis> frontend in the Admin area allows you to inspect the internal logs about communication handling in OTRS, i.e. sending/receiving emails.
Communication Log Overview
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-communication-log-overview.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
Overview page is a dashboard-like screen with several metrics indicating the overall health of the system, depending on filtered communications.
Account status will signal if you have any issues with configured accounts used for fetching or sending messages.
Communication status will notify you if there are any errors with either account connections or message processing.
Communication state widget will display if there are any active communications currently in the system.
Average processing time is a cumulative time statistic that is needed to complete a communication.
You can select the time range in the left sidebar in order to filter communications depending on their creation time. In addition to this, you can also dynamically filter for any keywords, state of the communication, and you can sort the overview table by all columns.
Communication Log Time Range Selection
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-communication-log-time-range.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
Communication Log Account Status
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-communication-log-accounts.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
Clicking on account widget will take you to the account status screen, where you can further filter for communications that are related to specific accounts.
If you click on a communication row in any table, you will be presented with a detailed view screen.
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