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Right to create tickets or entries in the queues or areas of this group.
Right to add notes to tickets or entries in the queues or areas of this group.
Right to update the owner of tickets or entries in queues or areas that belong to this group.
Right to change the priority of tickets or entries in queues or areas that belong to this group.
Full read and write access on tickets or entries in the queues or areas that belong to this group.
By default, the QueueView only lists tickets in queues that an agent has <emphasis>rw</emphasis> access to, i.e., the tickets the agent needs to work on. If you want to change this behaviour, you can set <link linkend="ConfigReference_Setting_Ticket::Frontend::AgentTicketQueue_ViewAllPossibleTickets"> Ticket::Frontend::AgentTicketQueue###ViewAllPossibleTickets </link> to <emphasis>Yes</emphasis>.
Not all available permissions are shown by default. These additional permissions can be added.
Additional permission groups
Gives access to the stats page.
The right to bounce an email message (with bounce button in ticketZoom).
The right to compose an answer for a ticket.
The right to change the customer of a ticket.
The right to forward a messages (with the forward button).
The right to set a ticket to pending.
The right to add a phonecall to a ticket.
The right to change the responsible agent for a ticket.
These permissions can be added by changing the <link linkend="ConfigReference_Setting_System::Permission">System::Permission</link>.
Roles are a powerful feature to manage the access rights of many agents in a very simple and quick manner. They are particularly useful for large, complex support systems with a lot of agents, groups and queues. An example below explains when they should be used.
Suppose that you have a system with 100 agents, 90 of them with access to a single queue called "support" where all support requests are handled. The "support" queue contains multiple sub queues. The other 10 agents have permission to access all queues of the system. These 10 agents dispatch tickets, watch the raw queue and move spam messages into the "junk" queue.
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