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By clicking the link <emphasis>Agents</emphasis>, you get access to the agent management screen of OTRS (see figure below). Administrators can add, change or deactivate agent accounts. Furthermore they can also manage agent preferences, including the language and notification settings for the individual agent's interface.
An OTRS agent account may be deactivated but not deleted. Deactivation is done by setting the Valid flag to <emphasis>invalid</emphasis> or <emphasis>invalid-temporarily</emphasis>.
Agent Management
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-agents.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
To register an agent, click on the <literal>Add agent</literal> button, enter the required data and press the Submit button at the bottom of the screen, as shown in Figure.
Adding a new agent
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/add-agent.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
After the new agent account has been created, you should make the agent a member of one or more groups or roles. Information about groups and roles is available in the <link linkend="adminarea-groups">Groups</link> and <link linkend="adminarea-roles">Roles</link> sections of this chapter.
Every agent's account should belong to at least one group or role. In a brand new installation, there are three pre-defined groups available, as shown in Table 4-1.
Default groups available on a fresh OTRS installation
Allowed to perform administrative tasks in the system.
Qualified to access the stats module of OTRS and generate statistics.
Agents should belong to this group, with read and write permissions. They can then access all functions of the ticket system.
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In a brand new OTRS installation, the agent 'root@localhost' belongs by default to the admin, stats and users groups.
You can access the group management page (see figure below) by clicking the <emphasis>Groups</emphasis> link in the admin area.
Group management
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-groups.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
As with agents, an OTRS group may be deactivated but not deleted. Deactivation is done by setting the Valid flag to <emphasis>invalid</emphasis> or <emphasis>invalid-temporarily</emphasis>.
To add an agent to a group, or to change the agents who belong to a group, you can use the link <emphasis>Agents &lt;-&gt; Groups</emphasis> from the Admin page (see figure below).
Agent &lt;-&gt; group management
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/admin-agents-and-groups.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
An overview of all groups and agents in the system is displayed on this page. You can also use the available filters to find a specific entity. If you want to change the groups that an agent is a member of, just click on the agent's name (see figure below). To change the agents associated with a group, just click on the group you want to edit (see figure below).
Change the groups an agent belongs to
<graphic fileref="screenshots/administration/adminarea/agent-group-relations.png" scalefit="1" width="100%" contentdepth="100%"></graphic>
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