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5 months ago
Example: If a request is initially triggered at 10:00 with initial interval at '1 minute', retry factor at '2' and maximum interval at '5 minutes', retries would be triggered at 10:01 (1 minute), 10:03 (2 minutes), 10:07 (4 minutes), 10:12 (8=>5 minutes), 10:17, ...
示例:示例:如果一个请求的初始时间间隔为“1分钟”,重试因子为“2”,最大间隔为“5分钟”,初始触发在10:00,重试将触发在10:01(1分钟),10 :03(2分钟),10:07(4分钟),10:12(8 => 5分钟),10:17,...
5 months ago
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